Four Brothers

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Let me introduce you to four very special teenage boys who have just experienced the worst of tragedies – their 38 year old single mother has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. There is no father in the picture and no other family capable of caring for them. Their faithful and loving mother has been raising her sons all their lives on her own and doing the best she could. But there was no life insurance or other financial resources left behind. Her four stunned and grieving sons, Alan, Logan, Nathan and Ryan, need our help in so many critical ways right now. These brothers, who range from age 12 to 17, are all very close to one another and are best friends. They do everything in life as a team. It is so crucial to keep them together under one roof because the last thing the four of them need is the additional overwhelming trauma of being separated from each other after losing their only parent. Fortunately, a loving family of three, who the boys know and love, have decided they will bring all four of these brothers into their home so they can grow up together in one big family. But this family has very limited financial resources of their own and will not be able to handle the added financial burden of more than doubling their family size overnight - especially with four growing teenage boys! They will now be moving to a much larger house and will need to buy a 7 passenger vehicle. They also need to provide bedroom furnishings, clothing and all other needs for their four new family members. And they need to immediately start raising funds for the boys’ future educational expenses so that they can reach their full potential. These four very talented and sweet brothers are all incredibly smart and with our help will have a successful future. But their new family can't do any of this without our generous and loving financial support. We are pleading with our incredible Hood River community and all of you beyond our valley to please step up and help raise these incredible boys. They need us right now! It’s often said that it takes a village to raise a child, so when children have lost their own parents, we must be that village! Thank you so much. Help spread the word!